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Welcome to Just Truffles, the single source for nothing but sumptuous, sensual pleasure. One truffle and a glass of port is the ultimate elite dessert, the perfect way to indulge yourself -- and your guests -- without overindulging. One box is a gift that's viscerally unforgettable.
Each hand-dipped truffle is the real thing (no preservatives and wax-free). Creamy, buttery chocolate ... fantastic fruits ... liqueur flavors ... every bite is a delight, a rare treat from the premium small kettle kitchen located on prestigious Grand Avenue.

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Congratulations, you are one of the BEST

in Minneapolis!

The readers of Minneapolis Happening have spoken. Congratulations, you are one of the BEST in Minneapolis! Just Truffles WINNER Food & Drink: Chocolatier..

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MSP Kosher Certifies Just Truffles

The primary goals of MSP Kosher are three-fold: To provide strict Kosher supervision free-of-charge, and reduce the costs of kosher foodstuffs in the Twin Cities. To increase the quantity of supervised kosher establishments and foodstuffs in the Twin Cities. Transparency in kashrut supervision.

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Kathleen O'Hehir-Johnson and Roger.

Three years ago, Just Truffles owner Kathleen O'Hehir-Johnson got a call from a gentleman who had purchased a box of her rich chocolates to take home to his wife in Guam. "He said, 'Thank you very much,' but he was very sarcastic," she recalled. "I thought, 'Uh-oh! What did I do?' It turned out the gentleman was a traveling executive who had brought truffles home to his wife from every place he visited. Now, he complained, 'she won't eat any other truffles, so you're going to have to ship them here".

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Featured In Business Scene AJW News

Just Truffles featured in the April 2012 business section of the American Jewish World

At a recent event for the Pomegran- ate Society of the United Jewish Fund and Council of St. Paul, Kathleen O’Hehir-Johnson was asked if her chocolate truffles were kosher.

“They all kept saying, ‘Well, are you kosher?’” O’Hehir-Johnson told the AJW. “I said, ‘I have no idea. I’m a little Irish girl.’”

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As Seen on Kare 11

Just Truffles celebrates Valentine's Day

Kathleen O'Hehir-Johnson likes to watch someone bite into one of her truffles for the first time.

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Appetites: Local, artisan chocolates make for great gifts...

by Tom Crann, Minnesota Public Radio;

Crann: This is the largest of the group. It's got a little bottom that almost looks like a peanut butter cup, the way it has the edges on it. But it has the letter 'P,' it's monogrammed, and there's a story behind this. Who's behind the P?

Rossetto Kasper: This is called the Tenor's Temptation. They created this chocolate for Luciano Pavarotti when he performed in St. Paul. And he actually remarked about it on stage, he loved it so much.

Crann: It's light and frothy.

Rossetto Kasper: It's whipped ganache on the inside. And it's really lovely because it has a rather thick shell of milk chocolate, which is a good contrast.

We DO NOT share your truffles. Those are just for us...

Good afternoon Kathleen;

On a personal note; There are 4 people in our research and development lab in Princeton all of whom have the "sweet tooth" problem. We have a supplier who sends us your truffles every year. We normally share our Christmas gifts from suppliers with other departments.

We DO NOT share your truffles. Those are just for us. They're great, keep up the great work.

Jim Aune
Dir. Research and Development
Phillips Distilling Co.
But it is one if my guilty pleasures...

Kathleen There is no real story as to why I wanted to name the truffle other than it needs a cool name like tenor temptation. As for my story, I first saw you on a segment called "On The Road" with Jason Davis. You were in your old location down the street.

I'm from mankato, so I don't make it to your shop very often. But it is one if my guilty pleasures. What inspired me to the angel food truffle is a cool story.

My wife and her friend visited your shop about a month ago. Of all the wonderful kinds of truffles, my wife picked two turtle truffles. I got to thinking that my wife's favorite cake was angel food. So I thought it might be cool to make a truffle like that. When you are inspired like that, it festers in you.

I had to come to the cities for Easter and had to drop my idea off. Even if it wasn't possible, I had to try. By the way, my favorite truffles are raspberry tart and plum wine. I just thank you for listening and responding. Have a great day and keep coming up with new flavors.

Pete Thomas

Thank you for sharing your delicious truffles ...

Dear Kathleen & Roger,
We greatly enjoyed your visit on Saturday and KNOW our customers did as well.Thank you for sharing your delicious truffles and the great stories. We know that
it's and extremely busy time of year and appreciate you very Much!

Patty at the Wine Merchant

A New Fan!

I'm writing to share with you how last week my friend surprised me with a
birthday gift of a box of four of your delicious truffles. She had explained to
me that she had attempted to visit another "sweet shop" in St. Paul, but since
they were closed (which she found interesting), she happened upon your store.

I have to say that I was super delighted as I am someone who loves truffles and
loves to make them (I first made truffles while a culinary student a few years
ago). My favorite was the "Hot chocolate" truffle made with dark chocolate and
jabañero peppers. Yum!

Thank you for the love you put into those fine, chocolate delicacies!

Happy truffle making!